Saturday, February 4, 2012

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to Solve Computer Freezing Error and PC Crash Error

These days, the use of computers has increased to unprecedented levels. Computer users need to perform on a daily basis for many to function normally.
The computer locks up or freeze your PC, the error, however, prevent the normal use of these machines for some time.

Blue screen of death
A situation of computer crash is only a blue screen of death that appear suddenly or computer programs becomes unresponsive. Users can avoid this error, simply, rather than panic and stop working on computers for many days. This computer crashes, error contains a blue screen of death is extremely confusing for all users, which wreaks havoc with his / needs. He can not work on your computer as intended and to conclude work on time. The display continues normally after the restart, but any unsaved work before the computer crashes or have been eliminated.

He / she may lose your job and critics stored in the machine. Now there can be many reasons why you've met a blue screen on my computer?
  • For much of the employment programs at the same time
  • Low RAM
You can avoid the problem of road equipment with fewer applications simultaneously on the computer. Or you can minimize the use of programs in order to avoid this situation, the computer crashes or you can choose a higher RAM, which allows greater use of the program. This team keeps freezing depends on the situation the user places an undue burden on the RAM through its program to use.
It is also important to repair some logs that sank caused by a deletion or addition erroneous programs. When the registration is repaired, no more blue screen of death caused.

Using as many programs fully

When the computer crashes, the situation does not contain the blue screen of death and simply means an end to the computer is fully operational, the user can easily get rid of this computer keeps freezing the situation, log in Task Manager and stop the wrong program. The computer keeps freezing the situation only caused by a computer program froze.
The only way a user can minimize this computer keeps freezing the situation where, due to a single unresponsive programs, the team set up to refuse to work permanently, is to eliminate some of the additional applications not used that are stored on your computer. This team keeps freezing scenario, the user clicks the mouse and keyboard, but no response. Restart the computer in this scenario is to remove all unsaved work.
We at Complete PC Pedia provide all necessary assistance to solve any computer keeps freezing the situation. Our tutorials will help you resolve situations in which your computer is kaput, and the screen turns blue.

How to Stop Disabling Images/Animations in Internet Explorer

We all know that Internet Explorer is great for displaying multimedia content such as photos, animated POISON, playing sounds, automatic image resizing, etc.
Internet Explorer includes nearly every kind of customization options to your computer's surf problems. Let us understand them one by one.
To perform any adjustment referred to below is made, you must start Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu and click on"Options ..."and click the"Advanced"tab.
Turn On / Off: Play animations in web pages
Specifies whether animations can play when pages are displayed. The pages contain animations sometimes appear very late. If you want to display pages faster, make sure this box is unchecked.
When this check box is cleared, you can use another person to play animation by right-clicking the drive icon and then clicking Show Picture.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to Repair Display Problems in Computers

Display problem in computers is very common.You can face no display or hang up issue in your computers.

I also faced this problems in my PC.There are many solutions of this problem.You can do the following procedures to get rid of no display problem.:-

1.      Check you RAM for proper inserting.

2.      Open processor and install again.

3.      Clean your whole system.

4.      Shutdown your system by taking power cable and again insert cable to start PC.

5.      You can refresh your BIOUS setting.

6.      Check your data cable.

7.       Check your display adopter.

8.      Properly tight all screws.

By acting upon on these points you can solve your display problems.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Data Recovery Software

There are lot of data recovery software's are available in the market but due to lack of software infromation and knowledge you are unable to use none of them.Data recovery software are programs – some free, some paid for – That will undelete, repair, recover and restore data that has been lost.
Examples of when data recovery software could be used;
  • To recover and restore files that may have been deleted to the Windows recycle bin and subsequently the recycle bin emptied.
  • To recover and restore data stored on Camcorder hard drives, usb memory sticks, zip dirves etc.
  • To recover and restore files that may have been corrupted or damaged during a hard disk partitioning process.
  • To recover and restore file that have been corrupted from a hard disk failure.
  • To fix files that may have become corrupt as the result of a virus.
It is possible to use data recovery software to restore data from a formatted hard drive even if another operating system has been installed over the top.

These types of software can also be used to "unformat" disk drives back to their original state.
One thing to consider when looking into data recovery software is which file system your pc is running? There are two common types of file system, they are FAT 32 and NTFS. You need to make sure that the data recovery software you choose supports the file structure on your data storage media. There are also some other less common file structures such as FAT 12, FAT 16 and NTFS5.
One of the good things about these kinds of software is that they are non-intrusive. By that I mean that they do not physically intervene with your device. The software will interrogate your device and all of its analysis will be completed with your device in tact. This is important because as with any electrical item, you will have a warranty. If the device is ever opened up, you usually would have to tear a "proof" sticker which shows the manufacturer or shop that the device has been tampered with and therefore would void the warranty making it impossible for you to get a refund if it is ever proven that the device was at fault for the loss of data.
Data recovery software, as with most software nowadays, would normally be provided in a downloadable format with some sort of access key – the bit you pay for. I believe that although you can get this type of software for free, paying a premium for a much more complete package is the way to go in this case.
Recover your data and enjoy with your previous prepared lost data.

Top 7 Tips to Make your Slow Computer Fastest

I have searched and work hard to get all these 7 tips to make slow computers fast.These tips are very easy and workable.Slow computer is very much frustrating and embarrassing for anyone.Don't worry because there are methods and software that could help you fix this kind of problem.
I have listed the 7 most common suspects on slow computer problems. Each has different causes, but all have the one annoying result. I have also included the best solution to each problem.

1.    The computer processor is too hot - This problem is very common especially during summer time, when everything gets easily hot. To avoid this problem, you need a processor fan which can be purchased in any computer store. However, be reminded that you still have to take care of the fan by cleaning it regularly and checking if it is still working or if the bearings are shaking.

2.    The RAM is corrupted or has low memory - There are three probable reasons why a RAM gets corrupted; its timing is slower than what was specified in the optimal machine setting, it is too hot, it has minor but multiple flaws that can only be seen if a thorough testing is done. The only solution to this is to buy a new RAM. You just have to make sure that the RAM is compatible to your mother board.

3.    Weakening Hard Disk - Your hard disk is weakening if it takes you several minutes before you are able to access the infected drive, you experience occasional boot failures and blue screen error, and you see that bad sectors are increasing. The same as the RAM failure, you also need to buy a new hard drive to solve this issue. Don't wait until it crashes. Immediately back-up your files and switch the hard disk to a new one.
4.    Incorrect setting of the BIOS - The BIOS duty is to manage the flow of data from the Operating System of the PC to the installed devices like the mouse, keyboard, video adapter, printer and hard disk. If the BIOS setting is not configured properly, the computer will not function properly as well. The solution to this is to do a research in the internet. You just need to type the brand of your motherboard plus the BIOS. Once you find the proper setting, remember or write it down, and then modify the BIOS correctly.

5.    Damaged Registry - The computer registry is like a log book where every software, program and devices installed in the computer is recorded. Once it is damaged, the affected software, program or device will not function correctly making your computer work slowly. The best way to deal with this problem is by installing an effective registry cleaner and fixer software. You can find these kinds of software all over the internet.

6.    Harmful Adwares and Spywares - Not only will these slow down your PC, it can also cause your computer to crash down in an instant. By installing Adwares and Spywares remover, you'll be able to prevent your computer from being harmed by these two. There are free adware and spyware remover all over the internet which are downloadable. If you have enough money, do buy a much powerful software.

7.    Virus, Worms and Trojans - Whatever they call it, it doesn't change the fact that these are harmful and definitely slows down your computer. Installing Anti-Virus software is the only way to eliminate these threats.

Since the technology keeps on improving, several companies have created their own softwares, wherein each has the capability to solve multiple slow computer problems. There is only one thing that you should remember when choosing this type of softwares. Make sure that the software has been proven and suggested to be an effective resolution to slow computer problems by many computer users and experts.Removes one the above step to move your computer fastest.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

How to Solve Virtual Memory Problems?

How to Increase Virtual Memory?   

This is the common problem nowadays all computer users are is facing. 

Virtual memory is  in all computers.simulated RAM. When you have used up all your RAM, your computer will shift data to an empty space on the hard drive. The computer swaps data to the hard disk and back to your RAM as needed. When you increase your virtual memory you are increasing the empty space that is reserved for your RAM overflow.

In Windows XP
1.Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
2.Click Performance and Maintenance, and then click System.
3.On the Advanced tab, under Performance, click Settings.
4.On the Advanced tab, under Virtual memory, click Change.
5.Under Drive [Volume Label], click the drive that contains the paging file that you want to change.
6.Under Paging file size for selected drive, click to Custom size check box. You can enter the amount of memory you would like to reserve for Virtual memory by entering the initial and maximum size.
7.Click Set
When you are prompted to restart the computer, click Yes.
Special Note: You should choose the same amount for the initial size and maximum size. This will Stop your CPU from constantly changing the paging file.
HOT TIP: To stop your CPU from constantly changing the paging file, set the initial and maximum size to the same value. For example, 500 and 500. The value should be at least 1.5 times more than your physical RAM. If your computer has 512MB of RAM increase the virtual memory paging file to 1.5*512= 768

In Vista
1. Click Start button Picture of the Start button
2. Click Control Panel
3. Choose System and Maintenance and then click System.
4. In the left pane, click Advanced system settings.
5.On the Advanced tab, under Performance, click Settings.
6. Click the Advanced tab, and then, under Virtual memory, choose Change.
7. Click Custom to change the Initial size (MB) and Maximum size. See the hot tip above. 
Remember to choose the drive you would like to use to increase the virtual memory. In most cases it usually your C: Drive. You can set the initial size and maximum size after clicking the Custom size check box.Remember its better to keep the Virtual memory values the same.

Also having enough available space is absolutely necessary for your virtual memory and RAM to function properly. 
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